Who We Are

SV Group is a life style development centre offering professional project management solution for all real estate and pioneering in life style living and innovative , sustainable living concept. The team has more than 50 years of combined experience in conceptualizing design, planning and development in real estate, covering also hotel development and management.

We aim to be a respectable and reliable leader in the property development and building industry, delivering quality products on time through continuous improvements in customer service as well as professional skills. We constantly strive for greater achievements and are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Mission & Vision

To be a leader and to have a pioneering spirit in whatever we do. To always maintain professional workforce supporting and ensuring reliability, respectability and impeccable corporate culture.


To encourage self-development of  employees

To seek and secure strategic advantages


Our Team

SV GROUP is a firm with a diverse team of professionals known for achieving results in their respective fields. Our team consists of professionals with experiences in public listed property development companies, Civil Engineers, quality and experience construction company . With this wide and varied range of skills and knowledge, we are capable of managing the entire property development process and even of securing additional investments in the development projects, should the need arise.

We believe commercial mind-sets are important for investors and buyers , and that the key to success in every property development lies in our feasibility studies and evaluations on identify value added product , price negotiations, reliable contractors-sourcing and marketing techniques. 

Our Belief

In SV GROUP, We practice the philosophy that all professionals should function as a team and work together towards a common goal – building a successful property development project!

We take pride in every project undertaken. We enhance the value of our projects by implementing the best management practices in our sales and marketing, foreign market expansions, project constructions, and project design and developments.